Dall’Agnese Wardrobes.

Planning and managing our clothes is a crucial part of our everyday lives and having a high-quality, contemporary wardrobe can make it easier. Understanding which is the best option for your house is not only a challenge of style and fashion but also a matter of space. Dall’Agnese presents its new wardrobe collection. Hinged and sliding door
versions are designed to make a statement in the bedroom, perfectly balancing good looks and functionality. Yet, the most essential feature of a contemporary wardrobe is functionality and House Interiors London is happy to help with your decision.

Hinged Doors.

If you are looking to get a new wardrobe installed, yous should carefully consider the smallest details which can make a real difference between convenience and exasperation. Depending on how the wardrobe’s doors are hung, it can increase the closet space, maximise the storage capacity and synchronise with the room aesthetics. Hinged doors are attached to the frame of the wardrobe and open into the room.

Sliding Doors.

Selecting the best wardrobe cabinet with sliding doors should be a top priority for anyone looking to renew or furnish a bedroom. The reason is that it can not only impact the aesthetics side of your room but it also can have a critical functional role in your everyday life. Sliding wardrobe doors are excellent if you have limited space in your house as they open sideways, not requiring any previous space allowance.

However, this does not mean that they are not appropriate for spacious bedrooms. A sliding door wardrobe is the best option to give your bedroom a remarkable contemporary look. Another big advantage is that they offer a wider selection of material choices including mirrored and coloured glass finishes.

Walk-in Closets.

Walk-in closets provide sufficient storage for shoes, jewellery, accessories and clothes for everything to be in the same place at the same time. A walk-in closet benefits in eliminating disorder from your bedroom. The only constraint when you want a walk-in closet is that you need to have some extra space for it.

Nevertheless, in our years of experience, we have noticed that most people who can afford the extra space, almost always go for walk-in without a second thought. In addition, walk-in closets are very popular among those who want customization and a personal touch to their closets.

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