Enhanced By a Discreet Recessed Handle

Tecno Italian Wardrobe

The elegant design of the Tecno wardrobe is enhanced by a discreet recessed handle. The door is available also in glass, which gives to the door a glossy surface. The asymmetrical door adds class to a long wall of closets, highlighting the choice of another finish such as oak wood mixed with lacquer. Tecno, an Italian wardrobe, is also available with external drawer units, swivel TV panel and a back compartment fitted with shelves.

Modular and fully equipped, with tailor-made cuts, and a wide range of finishings, from lacquers to the warm shades of woods, to the refined materials of inner fittings, this new contemporary wardrobe is designed with the highest versatility in terms of modularity and aesthetics. Its compoundable system puts together different types of doors, from the single panel to the compoundable one, in order to create a magnificent play of materials and colours.

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Tecno Italian Wardrobe Cabinet 03

Contemporary Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe doors are a quick and smart way of adding functional extra storage and maximising your space. Our contemporary wardrobes come in many designs to enable you to create extra storage in any room of your house. Discover Tecno, an excellent Italian wardrobe with sliding doors in a variety of forms and colours, perfect whether you are installing a new wardrobe or replacing your old one.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Selecting the best wardrobe cabinet with sliding doors should be a top priority for anyone looking to renew or furnish a bedroom. The reason is that it can not only impact the aesthetics side of your room but it also can have a critical functional role in your everyday life. Sliding wardrobe doors are excellent if you have limited space in your house as they open sideways, not requiring any previous space allowance.

However, this does not mean that they are not appropriate for spacious bedrooms. A sliding door wardrobe is the best option to give your bedroom a remarkable contemporary look. Another big advantage is that they offer a wider selection of material choices including mirrored and coloured glass finishes.

Tecno Italian Wardrobe Cabinet 4

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