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Bella Italian Kitchen

Compositions of wood intensify the essential lines communicating an absolute naturalness of unique design and artisan craftsmanship. Light effects provide a warm feeling of the past, but absolutely contemporary. Having the Italian kitchen Bella reflects your character and style with the opportunity to customize your living space with open elements in total harmony with the kitchen. It is the charm of the rich wood essences chosen for Bella Italian kitchen, the effect of expressions of emotion for surfaces with unique chromatic and tactile effects.

A kitchen, able to harmonize elements from the past and manufacture tradition with contemporary ‘ingredients’, offering, through its different versions, multiple possibilities of interpretation of the classic. Bella is the ideal Italian made kitchen to personalize your living space and create moments that matter.

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Modern Italian Made Kitchen

Proposed in many colours and finishes, from wood to glass, metal, until the most precious marble, this kitchen is characterised by a combination of different elements and freedom of composition: for example, the doors, framed or smooth, optical or with decorations, combine each time with simple volumes, or with sinusoidal and curved cabinets. Most suitable to a modern living concept, the composition sees a big island as a guest star, with its soft and round lines in matt corda lacquered finish and customized with a leather durmast table.

Adapt to Tastes and Trends

Bella is a homage to Italian style, a cuisine that is able to continuously adapt to tastes and trends. Contemporary, almost industrial, the composition has been studied to make the materials as lightweight as possible. The basically designed island, underlined by a smooth door for which a new finish was created: liquid copper lacquer; original paint that recreates the effect of metal sheet metal on the door, enhancing all its characteristics.

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