Burnished Frame and Grey Transparent Glass

Glass up Italian Wardrobe

The Glass Up wardrobe is available in grey transparent glass, with a handle built-in the frame of the door that creates an airy effect and gives a glimpse of the wardrobe interior, which can be fitted with drawers, shelves, raster units, shoe racks and other accessories.

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The Right Door for Your Wardrobe

Hinged Doors Benefits.

There are several benefits when choosing hinged doors for your wardrobe that could assist you to make the best decision for your space. Some of these benefits include:

  • Hinged wardrobe doors present more hanging space as you can leverage all edges of the wardrobe and even the back of the doors.
  • The fact that you can open the doors in full and don’t have part of your wardrobe covered also makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Hinged doors are also the more traditional option so you are more likely to find a greater range of doors in various sizes and finishes to fit your space and style.
Glass Up Details 1
Glass Up Details 2
Hinged Doors

Contemporary Wardrobe.

Hinged wardrobe doors are a quick and smart way of adding functional extra storage and maximising your space. Our contemporary wardrobes come in many designs to enable you to create extra storage in any room of your house. Discover Glass Up, an excellent Italian wardrobe with hinged doors in a variety of forms and colours, perfect whether you are installing a new wardrobe or replacing your old one.

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