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Ylenia Italian Kitchen

Ylenia, versatility and welcoming atmosphere surrounds our souls with warmth. It is the heart of our home, a place without time. Ylenia will always be open to solutions which will let your creativeness be free.

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Country Style Kitchen Model

Ylenia is a country-style kitchen model that is fused together with modern elements. The ample storage units with glass features are traditional to country-style kitchens while the edges and handles give it its modern appeal. The Ylenia is made for the unusually shaped room and features four lacquered finishes: white, mink, anthracite and beige. The wood version comes in washed ash, pickled blue avio, dark oak and tobacco walnut.

Traditional and Contemporary

Ylenia, an Italian made kitchen, provides a traditional atmosphere, connected with the most genuine values ​​of family and conviviality. However, in this case, “tradition” does not mean “old”. Rather, it means knowing how to create warm and comfortable environments even in contemporary contexts. Thanks to original and attractive colours, each Ylenia composition can be easily adapted to different environments. The possibilities of organization of the space and therefore of the modules are endless. In this way, each composition can be unique and capable of reflecting the exact needs of each one.

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