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Bijou Italian Kitchen

When design meets the most advanced technology. The advantages of Bijou, an Italian kitchen, are the high-tech material and glass so that it is resistant to heat, scratches, bumps; which make it preserve its features and its beauty for a long time.

Now is the time to make fresh and innovative choices. Bold, warm and attractive the Italian kitchen line, Bijou, expresses itself through elegant tones of matt glass such as pure white, dove blue, bold colours such as sulphur-yellow or charming hues such as silk grey that fulfil the desires of light when it brightly sparkles on the glass wall cabinets. Shown with aluminium c-channel, plinths, frame and the black worktop with a seductive touch on the open elements.

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Modern Italian Kitchen

We’re talking about a product innovation in sustainable energy technologies that is respectful of the entire ecosystem. It does not release any substance in the environment and can be easily recycled in other production cycles. The glass door is available in 22 colours among glossy and satined finishes. The Straty door is available in 10 colours. The Gres finish, available in 12 colours. The 3 door versions have an invisible 18 mm aluminium profile, available in aluminium brill or London grey colour.

High Performance & Modern Look

The strength of this modern Italian kitchen lies in its dynamic with shades that evolve depending on the projected angle of light. Stainless steel surfaces give the kitchen a contemporary touch. The grey stoneware, Pietra di Savoia is complimented by the gloss white glass and by the white open elements extending its look to the bright free-standing library in matt white Erika pet. Sophisticated colour tones in a room to create a beautiful and fascinating place to stay. It’s the moment where the home shows its elegance, in a warm and convivial atmosphere.

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