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Mia Italian Kitchen

With its clean and beautiful lines, its variety of touches, Mia becomes a proper Italian kitchen for the everyday lifestyle. The extensive range of solutions enhances its modern and forever accomplished nature, constantly changing.

Customization is the main advantage of the renewed Mia line. Definitive is the luxurious impression provided by the glass doors, available in white, etched, stop-sol, grey fume with so many elements and modern touches as plain colours, maltas and the binding wood structures which include ash and tranche finishes. Mia is available with 64-160-320 mm. handle, curved or flat c-channel.

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Modern Italian Made Kitchen

The kitchen area is the place where we spend so much time from our lives and provides a familiar environment. We create our greatest moments to remember in the kitchen and Mia, a modern Italian kitchen cabinet can make every day a special gift. With its highly contemporary and attractive design, its wide range of finishes, Mia becomes a kitchen to suit your lifestyle and needs. Finishes ranging from tranché to ash finishes, from wood finishes to malta, emphasizing its metropolitan and versatile character, constantly evolving

Contemporary Design Spurs Creativity

Mia could be the ideal kitchen model for your home, contemporary design that spurs creativity. High-quality technical coverings and wood effects for a useful and stylish modern kitchen cabinet, designed to be functional and effective for any family. Composition with doors in scratched oak melamine; London grey c-channel and plinths, irregular lines, can make a true visual gem for the eyes.

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